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Happy birthday Howick

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Howick is this month celebrating its 170th birthday – and it is inviting the community to join in.

It is a prelude to massive 175th anniversary celebrations and organisers are looking for ideas and interested parties.

Lead organiser, Howick Local Board’s Jim Donald, said the first order of business is a birthday lunch on Sunday November 19 at the Howick Club.

“This 170th is the beginning of preparations for the 175th,” said Donald.

“The (marketing) poster has a recording of the Fencibles arriving in Howick and at the 175th, we intend to replicate this.

“We are hoping to bring Lord Howick from England to the 175th as well.”

Rob Mouncey, a co-organiser and president of the Howick & Districts Historical Society, says this month’s celebration is a day of history with those attending the lunch able to visit the Howick Historical Village with a 25 per cent discount on entry at Sunday’s live day.

“One of the ideas behind the lunch is to get sufficient interested parties to form a steering group leading up to the 175th birthday,” said Mouncey.

“The society is supporting this event not only because it’s Howick’s birthday but more, it’s interested in getting together with others to plan a significant event to celebrate the 175th anniversary.”

To attend the 170th birthday luncheon on Sunday November 19 at 12 noon at the Howick Club, contact Jim Donald to buy a $25 ticket – 535-8711. Ticket holders will be entitled to 25 per cent off the entry fee to the live day at Howick Historical Village on the day.

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