Thursday, February 29, 2024

Government commits to higher fuel prices

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By refusing to back down on new and increased fuel taxes, the Government is committing New Zealanders to higher fuel prices, says National Party Transport Spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross.

“In Parliament today, the Minister of Transport refused to back down from his Government’s proposed new and increased fuel taxes in the face of fuel prices hitting record highs with prices set to increase further.

“The Government is planning on increases that could add up to 25 cents per litre in new taxes over the next three years, which would cost up to $15 more every time Kiwis fill up at the pump.

“Phil Twyford is clearly out of touch with reality. His new and increased fuel taxes show a commitment to pushing the cost of fuel even higher just as hard-working New Zealander’s are already feeling the pinch at the pump.

“There is speculation that fuel companies across the country are raising their prices ahead of the Auckland regional fuel tax.

“This means that motorists in Southland will not only be paying for trams in Auckland’s CBD through national fuel tax increases but they will also contribute to Auckland’s infrastructure by sharing the costs of the regional fuel taxes that are imposed on Auckland. 

“National was committed to funding transport infrastructure around New Zealand without the need to resort to new taxes and we would repeal the Ministers unnecessary regional fuel tax plans.”

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