Saturday, May 18, 2024

Good deed for the community

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Ian Handisides mowing the grass at Compass Point Reserve.

A Half Moon Bay resident has taken it upon himself to tidy up his local reserve.

“Someone has to do it,” says Ian Handisides, whose house overlooks the Compass Point Reserve.

For two months Ian says he watched heavy rain prevent contractors from mowing the grass, leaving the reserve looking unruly.

A bench that is used frequently throughout the summer months was being neglected by passersby who didn’t want to wade through long muddy grass to get to it, he says.

“The seat is in a beautiful spot overlooking the Marina, but nobody was using it because it’s too hard to get to,” he says.

“I just wanted to make the edges a little tidier, and make access to the reserve seat.”

This is not the first time Ian has brought out his gardening tools to help out the community.

“I actually maintain the stairs from the reserve down to the Half Moon Bay Marina, regularly trimming back the over growth of trees, otherwise people would struggle to get through.”

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