Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Gone with the wind !

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Thanks to the cold blustery winds the sales were excellent, as a crew of Howick Lions were cooking sausages outside the Warehouse, at the Botany Town Centre …and then a huge gust of wind came and blew their canvas roof away! The photograph was shot as the wind blew the tent roof away.

Refusing to let that come in the way of doing charity work, the team of volunteers continued to do some brisk sales as luckily the tent supports were anchored down properly.

Lion Colin Salt says the funds raised will go towards sending students to Outward Bound.

Left to right: Lion Dave Downie (still not realising what is happening), Lion Neil Hornblow (Past Zone Chairman in tent saving mode), and Lion Judith Korau. The cameraman decided photos were more important than help.Photo supplied

The Howick Lions spring work season seems to have has taken off in full force, as last Saturday another team of Lion volunteers were at a school fundraiser at Owairoa School Gala. The eight Lions present, raised money for the school cooking chips, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. The queues were very long all day, says Colin.

At the same time there was yet another team  of Lions volunteers working at the Howick Historical Village (HHV) painting one of the buildings. This is part of the Howick Lions volunteer community work and the HHV is an ongoing monthly event.


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