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Girl approached by stranger in Farm Cove – police report

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The girl was reportedly walking to school alone on Butley Drive towards Wakaaranga Primary when she was approached by the stranger. Photo / Google Maps.

Police are investigating a report of a young school girl being approached by a stranger in Farm Cove yesterday morning.

The girl was walking to school alone on Butley Drive towards Wakaaranga Primary when a man in a dark black/blue car crossed over the road and pulled up beside her.

The incident was reported to police and they are currently investigating it, inspector Wendy Spiller confirmed to the Times this afternoon.

According to the report received by police – the details of which were also posted on Facebook by the mother of the girl – the man asked the girl if she wanted to get into his car.

The girl ran away from the road and hid until the stranger had moved on.

The mother also said on Facebook that her daughter usually walks to school with a few children.

She said fortunately her daughter is aware of “stranger danger” and managed to escape safely.

“We have informed the police of the incident who then followed up with an interview. She was able to give them some information and they are taking the incident seriously.”

The mother, who the Times has chosen not to name, asked other parents to please warn their children to be alert and not to talk to strangers.

“It is very scary that something like this is happening so close to home and I hope that this man does not prey on any more children.”

Police said the male is described as being dark skinned, wearing sun glasses, having long black hair past his shoulders – hair was straight in some places and curly in others, eyes that looked bluey in colour through the glasses he wore, was clean shaven, and was wearing a red-coloured Adidas t-shirt with a large white Adidas logo in the centre of the shirt.

The male had rotten teeth, “as in really yellow”, the description provided by police said.

He had no accent, which was also described as “a New Zealand accent”.

Police said if anyone has information in relation to the incident, they should contact detective Erin Thomas at the Ormiston Police Station on (09) 250 2800 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

There have been reports of at least four different youths being approached by strangers in west Auckland over the past few weeks and on November 17 an 11-year-old boy was abducted in Ranui and sexually assaulted.

Police also issued a “seasonal” warning to local schools about safety around strangers last month.

A special notice from Botany Downs Primary School to parents on November 3 asked parents to discuss with their children issues raised by the Counties Manukau School Community Police.

“Police have identified that this time of year shows an increase in suspicious activity around schools in relation to students being approached by people not known to them,” the message said.

It was designed to provide simple advice to children, young people, schools and communities regarding the risks associated with children being approached by people they don’t know who offer lifts or invite them towards a vehicle.

“Police advise students to walk to school in groups whenever possible and avoid routes that are out of sight from the general public,” the message said.

Area commander, Counties Manukau East Police, inspector Wendy Spiller said at the time that in the past it has been a seasonal trend and police simply wanted to be on the front foot.

By: Scott Yeoman

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