Freedom within reach

His dream is to be able to roam New Zealand’s beautiful beaches independently, and he’s got a plan to make it happen.

Caleb Main was born with Myelodysplasia a rare condition where the bones and muscles in his legs never fully developed.

Despite being wheel chair-bound his entire life, the 23-year-old says he’s never let his disability stop him from hanging out with friends, going to the gym and 4×4 driving.

However, at the age of 15, Main started experiencing chronic pain and has made getting on with his life more difficult.

Now he hopes to get a little bit of his independence and freedom back through a little contraption called Freedom Trax.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to go along the beach in my chair and know that I’m not going to get stuck,” he says.

“I’ve always loved the beach. Most my holidays have been near or on the beach. One place special to me is Baylys Beach up North. I’ve been going there every year since I was a little baby, it’s like my home away from home.

“Even though my family and friends help me along the beach, I’ve never been able to go to the beach by myself in my wheelchair.”

Freedom Trax is the only motorised wheelchair track attachment designed to transform a manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that will allow Main to navigate on sand, snow, dirt and other difficult surfaces.

“Freedom Trax would change my life, I would be fully independent on the beach and, for the first time, be able to get along the beach without any help,” he says.

Caleb has set up a givealittle page where he is hoping to raise $5000 for the Freedom Trax unit and shipping from overseas.

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