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Free mobile app to fight stress and anxiety

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Ormiston Senior College Young Enterprise Group, Canvas. LTR: Coby Molein ( Chief Financial Officer), Ethan McCormick (Human Resources), Aiden Willis (Communications Director), Sahil Chand (CEO), Vidur Ratna ( Marketing & Sales) & Rico Pully Akavi (Productions Director).

Experiencing deep stress and anxiety at the separation of his parents was one of the triggers for Coby Molan to work on an app that could help teenagers like him.

He says that at the age of 12 he got into trouble and was forced to live with his father. He was really scared because he had not heard good things about him. And while he gradually discovered that his dad was a great guy, he still suffers from anxiety that he had first experienced at a very young age.

Using his personal story to connect with those suffering from mental health problems he, along with five other Year 13 students from Ormiston College, came up with a business idea for the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Together they formed a company called Canvas and worked on an app that provided stress-busting games, activities, music and meditation.

The 21st century application is in partnership with Youthline which will make people aware of its existence. It ties in with My Canvas campaign where Coby tells his story.

“The application gives access to every single helpline in New Zealand. You can even use it as a journal to record your thoughts,” says Sahil Chand, chief executive officer of Canvas.

“We worked on the idea along with our college therapist and counsellors from the neighbouring colleges. “There are bubble-popping games with a soothing vibration on the fingertips. There is nothing like this in the market,” he says.

Chief financial officer Coby says it is a perfect time to hit the market. “With so much mental health awareness, we hope to fight depression and stop it before it starts.”

Canvas has also worked on a question mark campaign and has a barcode.

Sales and marketing manager Vidur Ratna, says: “Scanning the barcode will take you to a website where there is a video promoting the app.”

A plaque explains: “We are a business designed for the sole reason of relieving stress and anxiety through the use of games and activities in our mobile application. We are named Canvas because everyone’s life is like a canvas we paint a part of it every day and sometimes the colours intertwine and we get stuck in the detail. Canvas help you relieve that stress and get you back on track to paint your ‘perfect picture’. ”

Communications manager Aiden Wills-Kaio says that they plan to fully develop the app at the cost of $100,000 and are confident of getting the funding.

The team of Sahil Chand, Vidur Ratna, Ethan McCormick, Coby Molan, Aiden Wills-Kaio and Rico Pulley-Akavi say they plan to take it further through their university years and beyond.

Young Enterprise Scheme has four tasks to compile a number of points to win Company of the Year.

Canvas has already scored first place in east Auckland in Task One.

They have already pitched their business proposal for Task Two and are confident of making it.

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