Flowers set Fencible Walk aglow

Sun-spun flowers shine on Fencible Walkway.

Flowers have bloomed spectacularly on Fencible Walkway.

The expansive walkway is nestled between Wild Wheat and the Stihl Shop and leads down a small slope to Howick Library.

Shining magnificently on a sunny autumn afternoon, the flowers are a variety of colours: red, purple, white and pink. Most are surrounded by lime-green Coleus bushes.

They cast a colourful glow over the brown and grey of the neighbouring buildings.

When one walks into the walkway from Picton Street, they are greeted by red and white Impatiens on both sides with a hint of purple on the left.

Towards the end of the walkway are different shades of purple Sage’s with white in-between. They are a welcome sight from the grey clouds and stormy weather.