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First electric ferry charger to be installed at Half Moon Bay

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Auckland Transport plans to install electric ferry charging infrastructure at Half Moon Bay this year. Times file photo Wayne Martin
  • By Laura Kvigstad, Auckland Council reporter
    funded by New Zealand on Air

Auckland Transport (AT) says electric ferry charging infrastructure is expected to be installed at Half Moon Bay this year.

At the council’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee on April 4, AT gave an update on the future of electric ferries.

Its chief executive Dean Kimpton said four electric ferries are currently being built, two 200 passenger battery electric ferries and two 300 passenger electric hybrid ferries for the Devonport ferry route.

A 3D render of the charging dispenser (or MCS tower) that’s to be installed at Half Moon Bay.

Kimpton had previously expressed concerns over funding issues for the infrastructure but confirmed at committee that a contract had been placed for the charging infrastructure.

“We are working very hard to get charging infrastructure in place and installation of the first charger is due out at Half Moon Bay later this year,” Kimpton said.

The charging infrastructure is expected to be shipped this May to Half Moon Bay.

What’s what:

  • Charging dispensers will be installed at each AT ferry terminal where ferry charging is required. Half Moon Bay is scheduled to be the first ferry terminal to get ferry charging infrastructure.
  • One charging dispenser will be installed on the floating pontoon at the Half Moon Bay ferry terminal. The dispenser will have two charging plugs that will connect to the ferry like a petrol pump arrangement.
  • The charging dispenser will be approximately 3.5m tall.
  • The charging dispenser will be connected to additional charging equipment that will be installed near the ferry terminal.

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