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Farm Cove Intermediate reaches out

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FCI students pose with their Intermediate School Cup.

Farm Cove Intermediate (FCI) students and staff have been striving to connect and participate with the wider community.

Tamara Jones, Farm Cove Intermediate’s principal, says that the New Zealand Curriculum recognises community engagement and establishing strong partnerships as crucial in supporting student learning.

“We believe it is the notion of ‘with’ that will enable FCI to realise the potential of partnerships in learning,” Jones says.

As such, Farm Cove Intermediate is constantly striving to ‘Reach Out’ and works collaboratively across the school and within the wider community.

Additionally “Reaching Out” is a FCI social skills programme for students.

In the past month, they have supported a number of community events.

On March 16, their environmental team – Enviro warriors – supported the Rotary River Carnival.

“Our environmentally-aware students made sure every scrap of carnival rubbish was collected and disposed of in correct bins,” Jones says.

On March 26, Farm Cove Intermediate student councillors, ambassadors and Harakeke leaders supported the Wakaaranga School Gala. They spun candyfloss, painted faces and organised relays.

“It’s great to be a role model and to help our future,” Nikheel Chandra, FCI student, says.

During the Howick Rotary Fun Walk and Run on March 28, 45 community-minded students participated. They raised $225 for the Coastguard and won the Intermediate School Cup.

Most recently FCI’s Reach Out group sold homemade treats during lunchtime and raised $830 for the SPCA.

Farm Cove Intermediate’s hopes that, with increasing their participation in community events and projects, it teaches students to be community-minded, future-focused citizens.

Additionally it enhances their social and leadership skills, Jones says.

Shivan Gulati, an FCI student, says, “Farm Cove Intermediate has provided me and my peers with so many opportunities and I’m really grateful.”

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