Sculpture vandalism far from ‘armless

By Jim Birchall

Contentious artwork ‘Kid Justice’ defaced again

A controversial sculpture erected to mark the 125th anniversary of Women’s suffrage has been defaced for the second time in three months, with a pillager making off with an arm from the artwork.

The crime places considerable strain on council resources due to its $55,000 replacement cost. The sculpture named ‘Kid Justice’ by artist Erin Forsyth, had a foot damaged in March and was subjected to three weeks repair work.

A vandal has removed an arm from the ‘Kid Justice’ sufferage sculpture in Howick’s Crawford Reserve. Photo: Times Media

Kid Justice rests on a plinth which has been designed to be a permanent foundation on which to install a changing collection of art that responds to both contemporary and historical themes.

The artwork was met with derision from some quarters upon unveiling in December 2018, but is expected to remain at the site until at least 2022.

When approached for comment, Auckland Council art collection manager Peter Tilley said “We are aware that Kid Justice has been damaged and are investigating the cause of the damage. In the meantime, we are working with our maintenance team to repair the artwork as soon as possible.”

The sculpture has been removed from the reserve as of August 20.

If you have any information about the missing arm, please e-mail 


  1. I do not condone vandalism, but this hideous statue has to be the most egregious waste of ratepayers’ funds imaginable. It has no relevance to historic Howick village, spoils the view, and was presumably commissioned without consultation. It is infuriating to think that this ‘artwork’ was even considered. Hasn’t the Council got more important things to spend our rates on, such as our infrastructure which needs upgrading? Ratepayers need to know who was responsible for commissioning this garish eyesore. Please do us a favour and remove it permanently.

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