‘Embracing our Differences’- Mackenzies’ art in US show

Year 9 student Mackenzie Alley from Whitford has had her artwork selected for inclusion in an international exhibition in Florida next year.

More than 16,000 entries from people from all age groups were received from 127 countries and only 50 were selected for inclusion in the exhibition entitled Embracing our Differences.

Whitford’s Mackenzie Alley and her work

Mackenzie, 13, called her artwork “Be a Voice, Not an Echo” and says, “With my work, I wanted to represent how we sometimes feel forced to suppress our true identities as we fear society’s judgment, but all that it takes for us to unlock who we are are the words of one person who is not afraid to speak up.”

The successful entries will be blown up onto full-sized billboards and exhibited in Sarasota’s Bayfront Park, Florida from January to April 2020.