Thursday, June 13, 2024

Elm Park School opens new playground

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The senior leadership team and the students who were involved in the ribbon cutting in front of the new junior playground – front, from left, Nate Barratt, Bree Barratt, Heavenly Tafunai and Michael de Lange and back row, from left, Karen Allen, Laramarie Dreyer, Dave Borcher and Sarah Baleicakau.

Dreams became a reality when the Elm Park School’s new junior playground was officially opened on March 31.

The new playground has been a few years in the making, however, last year the Board of Trustees decided to make it a priority as one of the big property investments they needed to make for the future of the infrastructure of Elm Park School.

Sarah Baleicakau, the new principal since term 3 of 2022, knew the school had been waiting a while for this playground and wanted to fulfil the vision for staff, students, and the community.

When deciding upon the design of this new playground, the school wanted to add a play value that includes the nurturing of physical development. The equipment builds body strength and provides challenge and social development which is age-appropriate.

The playground has been completely funded by the school which is a significant achievement and the money has come from various sources, such as income from the before and after school programme, PTA, and several fundraising schemes over the years.

“Elm Park School has a lot of property development taking place at present and is in a space of considerable change,” Mrs Baleicakau said.

While this is challenging to navigate, she said she has a great team behind her and is excited for the next chapter in Elm Park School’s journey.

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