Elim Christian College’s spirited athletics day 

Senior student Sasha Sabeta (alias Frozone) hanging on nothing but thin air! Photo Douglas Bagg

By Bethany Britten and Alesha Kant

Elim Christian College recently held their Year 11-13 Athletics Day at Lloyd Elsmore Park, after it being postponed the previous Friday due to bad weather.

Students came dressed in colourful and creative costumes displaying house spirit, and participated throughout the day in a variety of track and field events.

Rotract Club members of Elim College, raise funds for Child Rescue.

This year, the Interact Club’s annual bake sale at Athletics Day raised money for Child Rescue, which is an organisation that combats child trafficking and sexual exploitation on an international scale. So far this year, Elim College raised more than $800 for Child Rescue, which is over half of the cost required for saving and restoring one child.

There were three athletics records broken, two of which had stood since 2013.

House points were awarded for accomplishments and participation, the day ending with Ezekiel house winning, with Jeremiah house close behind.

The senior students enjoyed an active, competitive, and fun day of athletics.

T-Rex tearing up the athletics track.
Heated house competition during a relay race.
Elim students taking off.