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Local candidates respond to election results

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Julie Zhu-local candidate for Green Party in Botany

Julie Zhu celebrated with the rest of the Green Party at St Matthew’s in the city on election night.

“I am definitely disappointed to see that only two per cent of local voters decided to vote Green this election.

“It shows me that there is still a significant amount of work to be done to help locals understand the Green vision for bold transformational change for the sustainability of our communities.

“The status quo isn’t working for so many New Zealanders and while most New Zealanders voted for change, it seems most locals voted for things to stay the same.

“I’m hopeful that I can keep making a difference locally in the community and have some plans to work on a local arts festival for early next year.”

Tofik Mamedov-Labour Party candidate for Botany

Tofik Mamedov celebrating at the Labour election night party.

Kelvin Davis, deputy leader of the Labour Party called in to thank me and my team and complimented us on our campaign. I’ve told him it is now in your hands to make Labour Party the next government.

I have been campaigning since last year. I did give everything to increase the party vote and I have no regrets.

I wish all the winners best of luck and success serving our country but most importantly our community. MP’s should be accessible, friendly and respectful to their constituents.

As for me? I need a good break. Spend time with my family and doing some gardening. The garden is mess. I neglected our garden for months.

I will spend more time with my family, focus on growing my business Local Real Estate Group

Finally big thanks to all the supporters and the people who believed in me! Voted for me and for the Labour Party.

I would also like to acknowledge my team in Botany. I remember in 2013 there were only five active members (including myself) and on September 23 we had 31 active members helping out on the day of the election. I’m truly proud of them.

Wetex Kang-Maori Party candidate for Botany

I would like to congratulate Jami-Lee Ross for winning the electorate seat at Botany. I am sure he will serve the people of Botany well for the next three years. I would also like to congratulate the candidates from the Greens, Labour, Act and United Future who stood for election 2017 at Botany.

Unfortunately the Maori Party did not win any seat in the 2017 election. We have worked hard and tried our best but have to accept the fact that our opponents were victorious.

Suzanne Kelly – NZ First candidate for Pakuranga

In the very short time, I have been on the Pakuranga campaign trail, I have found Simeon and the other Pakuranga candidates welcoming and extremely courteous.

My message to Simeon as the successful candidate for Pakuranga is, you deserve your win and I wish you the very best over the next three years.

I think under the circumstances, due to a change in the political landscape over the last two months,  NZ First has done well taking 9 seats.  As far as my own campaign went, and due to the fact  I was only announced a month before the election, I am more than happy with the results.

What is most important is that NZ First will now have a chance to make a difference and have a real say in Government Not just for those from the left or the right but for the good of all New Zealanders. New Zealand will really benefit from having the only true centrist party in government. It’s about time!

Carrie Stoddart-Smith – Maori party candidate for Pakuranga

The outcome is unsurprising. Pakuranga has been a hearty National electorate for more than 30 years! Over the next three years, I plan to engage more with the people in Pakuranga so that we too can benefit from the advantages of MMP.

I very much enjoyed my campaign particularly participating in community meetings to hear the different issues affecting individuals and families living in Pakuranga. I also developed many skills representing the party across a range of high level tv panels and debates (TVNZ and Māori TV), as well as in single issue debates on housing, climate change, international affairs, environment and education alongside current ministers and senior MPs. I received very positive feedback and I am incredibly proud of my record on speaking to a range of issues and holding my own among some seriously experienced talent.

I’m very humbled by all the support I received – despite the fact it was comparatively small. In Te Ao Māori we have a saying “Ahakoa, he iti he pounamu” – although it is small it is precious. That is how I feel with all those people who supported me by voting or contributing to my campaign.

I remain committed to our electorate and plan to contest the seat in the 2020 election, when our party has rebuilt and rebooted. I will continue to build relationships and champion the issues that matter to our community.

Massive congratulations and best of luck for the next 3 years! It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. I’m always delighted to see our younger generation putting their hands up and getting involved. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in 2020!

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