Friday, March 1, 2024

Elderly woman injured at school

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A grandmother suffered serious injuries after a fall on the hill while attending a rugby match. Times photo Wayne Martin

An elderly woman sustained serious injuries from a fall on a grass bank at Howick College on Saturday.

The woman was attending Howick College to see her grandson play in an under-15 rugby semi-final against Pukekohe High school.

After slipping down the grass bank, spectators and students came to her aid and an ambulance was called.

The woman was transported to Middlemore Hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken femur.

In a second incident a man of advanced age also slipped on bank and the Times was informed he had suffered a concussion.

A first responder who attended the incident, spoke with Times staff present at the game and said the injuries from slipping on the bank were not the first he had been called to.

Deputy principal Dr Paul Bennett told the Times: “We are sorry to hear about (the woman’s) injuries sustained at the weekend and we are grateful to the medical staff, parents and students who responded.

“Recently, we have invested heavily in drainage for the fields and we try to ensure all visitors use the steps and gravel pathway.  However, like all accidents, we will review this incident and consider if anything can be done to reduce the risk of this kind of accident re-occurring.”

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