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Watch out for the Dragons

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Children playing on Owairoa Primary School’s new playground. Times photo Wayne Martin

Junior students of Owairoa Primary School were both excited and a little scared to see a number of dragons emerge from ‘The Dragon’s Lair’ during the official opening of the new junior playground at the school on Thursday.

Rapunzel was saved by a knight in shining armour as she escaped down the big slide to be reunited with her handsome prince.

The $170,000 playground is the third new playground to be installed at the school.

It was financed by the Owairoa Primary School Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association.

The design of the new playground is a first in New Zealand and was planned and designed to develop creativity and imaginative play as well as develop physical skills.

A huge oak tree adds to the setting by providing summer shade and falling leaves in autumn. Thick branches arch over the castle and tower making it an irresistible attraction for Owairoa students and a place for dragons to hide.


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