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Eat Ukraine’s finest foods

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Tetyana Sayenko and her husband, Kirill. Photo supplied

The local community is invited to taste a wide range of Ukrainian traditional food this weekend at the Clevedon Village Market.

Beachlands resident and Ukrainian-born resident Tetyana Sayenko has organised a fundraising event at the markets this Sunday in Clevedon near the community hall.

From 9am-2pm on July 17, there will be multiple tables for visitors to try Ukraine’s cultural palette, including borsch, Ukrainian beetroot soup, which is recognised by Unesco as endangered heritage.

Other delicacies are Ukranian pancakes, varenyky (moon-shaped dumplings), pyrizhky (stuffed buns) and baked goods.

“Our Auckland Ukrainian community would be happy to give a chance for New Zealand citizens to try our traditional food,” Sayenko says.

Takeaways will be an option for market goers.

There will also be accessories, such as Ukranian symbols, sold at the ‘Eat Borsch – Help Ukraine’ event.

All proceeds will go towards Ukrainian humanitarian needs.

In 2011, Sayenko moved to New Zealand with her Russian-born husband.

“Our family has a strong and stable pro-Ukranian position,” she says.

“We regularly go on Sundays to Aotea Square where Ukranian people assemble after Russia attacked Ukraine.”

There are about 20 helpers in the setting up of the event and selling the food, Sayenko says.

“I want to thank everyone, Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, who have been involved,” she says.

“And to Clevedon Village Market who have kindly provided this outdoor space for free.”

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