East FM leading non-commercial Auckland listening market

By Jim Birchall

East FM, Howick’s local station has moved to 5th place in New Zealand (up from 13th) all-hours concurrent listening according to non-commercial LPFM radio listener statistics for the third quarter of 2019.

In the Auckland market, East FM moves into the top spot after overtaking The Flea, with KFM remaining in third.

Local station East FM is developing a strong following. Picture supplied

Mike Rowse from East FM had this to say; “We’re pretty chuffed with the result and have our sights set on moving up the national rankings. Things like this always give the team a real boost, and along with the shift into the Bill Mudgway studio at our new East FM headquarters, morale is at an all-time high”.

Rowse praised the staff of volunteers who have “worked hard to make the station a real community asset and added he is “pleased that the hard work is paying off” and was quick to “extend our gratitude to our audience which continues to grow locally, nationally, and internationally thanks to our online stream located at www.eastfm.nz”.



  1. Isn’t this the community radio survey, then? Noncommercial would include RNZ and they’re always going to be on top. Also, who conducted the survey?

    • Hi James,

      Press release from a company called radio stats.

      MEDIA RELEASE: Non-commercial LPFM radio listener stats for 2019 Q3:

      Congratulations to THE CHEESE from Wellington which remains the most listened-to station in the country with an average of 31.1 concurrent listeners. Canterbury-based XS80S remains in second place (16.0) and ANDHOW.FM from Wellington takes third place (13.0).

      For work-hours listening, THE CHEESE remains in the top spot followed by XS80S in second and KIX FM in third.

      Notable Mentions:

      EAST FM went from 13th place to 5th place for all-hours listening.

      WORLD FM went from 11th place to 7th place for all-hours listening.

      In the Auckland market, EAST FM moves into the top spot after overtaking THE FLEA, and KFM remains in third.

      In the Wellington market, THE CHEESE remains in the top spot while ANDHOW.FM moves into second after overtaking KIX FM.

      In the Canterbury market, XS80S remains in the top spot, as does 8K in second and HIGH COUNTRY RADIO in third.

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