Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dollars for schools: Shelly Park School wins big

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The Good Home in Howick has given out thousands of dollars again to local schools.

Good Home Proprietor Barry O’Shaughnessy has been running his Dollars for Schools competition since 2012 “with a couple of years break in the middle”.

“It is very simple – I award points to each school whenever someone from a particular school dines at the Good Home between July and November,” he said.

“The one with the most points gets $3000 cash.”

Good Home Proprietor Barry O’Shaughnessy with students from Shelly Park School, the Dollars for Schools campaign winners. Photo supplied

To date he has donated at least $27,000.

This year’s promotion saw him give away $4500 cash at the end of the year with 12 schools participating.

The three winners were Howick Primary $500; Mellons Bay Primary $1000 and as Shelly Park School which received $3000


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