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Do you know this man?

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A still taken from security camera footage sent in by a Pakuranga resident Darrin Heaven.

More than a year after a disgruntled reader began leaving unsolicited notes in local letterboxes and on car windscreens, the individual has finally been captured on security cameras.

The angry reader, whose identity is unknown, took exception to an open letter from The Religious Diversity Centre Trust on the Times‘ Feedback page on September 1, 2020, in which the name and age of the Christchurch mosque murderer was published with the terrorist’s photo.

The reader threatened to distribute notes denouncing the Times‘ decision to publish the piece and demanded two apologies via an anonymous letter to the paper’s owner Reay Neben. The paper refused.

The notes – which have annoyed many loyal readers and upset others – are all delivered on customer cards from assorted supermarkets and refer to the “idiot Editor”. A contact name “Nick Toidi” is also included [Toidi is idiot spelled backwards].

Pakuranga resident Darrin Heaven last Thursday captured video footage of the man on Riverhills Avenue popping notes under windscreen wipers under cover of darkness. The footage, while dim due to low light conditions, clearly shows an older pakeha male with a slightly hunched back moving from car to car.

The security footage has been sent to police, as well as dozens of notes handed in and posted to the Times by the man.

Heaven said: “He left his note on my cars/in my mailbox at around 10:08pm last night, 17th Feb. I’m rather sensitive to folk wandering at night interfering with my cars given the mail theft/car crime we’ve been having.”

  • If you can help to identify this man, please contact the Times on

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