Thursday, April 25, 2024

Dial M for Murder

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Tension. That’s what audiences can expect at Howick Little Theatre’s latest production, Dial M for Murder.

The psychological thriller, directed by Alex Gleed, focuses on Tony, an ex-professional tennis player who has recently retired and thus his income drops. In order to inherit some cash, he hatches a plan to have his wife – who he married for money – killed. A cunning plan…except it all goes horribly wrong.

Gleed says audiences can expect to be taken on a thrilling journey as they watch Tony try to cover his tracks and avoid detection.

The play is “not a very conventional murder mystery,” says Gleed.

“[It] operates entirely on tension – and a lot of subtext as well.”

Unlike a traditional whodunnit, where the audience is left to figure out what has happened,  Dial M for Murder attendees will be fully informed from the start, leaving the characters to muddle their way through the events.

The play has been in almost constant production around the world since being written by Frederick Knott in 1952 before being adapted into a film by Alfred Hitchock in 1954.

Gleed describes it as a “timeless classic [with] serious longevity”.

“People who really enjoy Hitchcock films and suspense and being on the edge of their seat will really enjoy it.”

  • Dial M for Murder is on at Howick Little Theatre now until September 30. Tickets are available from


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