Development in the works ? Landfill closure project at Greenmount


There’s a lot of activity going on at Greenmount.

A Times readers called up to say, “There are a lot of heavy trucks driving in through the gates of the landfill,” he said.

“Are they building apartments or is it the proposed park they have started work on,” he asked.

Heavy truck leaving the Greenmount gates. Times photo Wayne Martin

Council told the  Times: “The Greenmount works are part of the landfill closure project that is being undertaken by Enviro Waste who have been operating the site for many years.

“These works are predominately to do with the drainage system at the site, to manage storm water run-off.

“This part of the works is within a larger programme of preparing the site to allow it to be managed safely before it is returned to council. There will be later works to develop a park on the site.”