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Developer shoots down false Kainga Ora rumours

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Almost 100 people recently turned out to protest a housing development on Chapel Road, Northpark, due to concerns about the number of dwellings to be built on the site and associated issues. Photo supplied

Misinformation is spreading on social media about Kainga Ora’s supposed involvement in an east Auckland housing development.

Members of local community Facebook pages have commented on posts discussing the development at a property on Chapel Road, Northpark, near the roundabout with Whitford Road and Orangewood Drive.

On one recent post a person commented “there are 28 homes being built of which half will be Kainga Ora homes. In reality they all will be KO homes”.

Numerous other posts have drawn similar comments.

However, the public housing agency told the Times: “Confirming Kainga Ora does not have any involvement in this development.”

A planning document submitted to Auckland Council states the approximately 3470-square metre site will contain almost 30 new dwellings.

They’ll be a mix of two and three storeys, “being mostly attached and will [be] arranged in separate blocks around the boundaries of the site”.

“The dwellings will comply with the relevant setback standards and will vary in height, representing different designs with an external treatment that establishes a common visual character across the site.”

The majority of social media comments by locals in recent weeks are against the development, ask whether there’s sufficient space and car parking for the number of dwellings, and refer to “safety and social issues”.

A WhatsApp group has been formed for people to discuss the issue and an online petition launched on March 20 in opposition to it had been signed by 1324 people less than a week later.

The petition asks people to express their strong objection to the building consent “granted without notification for the construction of 28 units” at the site.

It states the development is linked to several unexpected results including environmental impacts.

“The construction and operation of such a large-scale development brings public problems related to quality of air, noise, stormwater, glare, odour and privacy and overshadowing.

“This will directly affect the quality of life for the local community.”

The petition also raises issues relating to traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety.

It says safety and social issues may result due to insufficient space and proper facilities, leading to disagreements and conflicts among the development’s residents.

The petition asks the council to suspend construction at the site and reconsider the consent for the project with public notification and shared information in the local community before going any further.

The project’s developer says they’re aware of concerns in the community, “particularly the assumption these houses once completed will be sold to Kainga Ora”.

“There is no intention to sell these houses to Kainga Ora,” they say.

“This development is focused on private residential housing, aiming to foster a secure, inclusive, and vibrant community environment.

“Each aspect of the project, from design to execution, is centred around creating a positive impact on the local community.

“The project … has been well planned and is being executed in strict compliance with New Zealand Government standards.

“This initiative is led by renowned planners and designers from Auckland, with construction undertaken by a well-qualified team known for their commitment to quality and industry compliance.”

The developer says their goal is to enrich the community by introducing high-quality, private residential housing.

“A key component of our development is the inclusion of adequate parking and garages for each residence, addressing a common concern in urban developments.

“By ensuring sufficient parking space, we aim to enhance convenience for our residents and minimize any potential disruption to the existing community.

“The thoughtful design extends to landscaping and green spaces, further contributing to the aesthetic appeal and overall well-being of the community.”

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