Rainfall good for dams

Despite heavy rainfall on Tuesday night – and the wettest August since 1992 – water utility company Watercare continues to warn Aucklanders to be mindful of water usage.

Watercare told the Times it recorded rainfall overnight Tuesday of 24.5mm at the Lower Huia Dam and 56.5 mm at the Mangatangi Dam.

“Now the dams are 79 percent full compared with a historical average of 90.5 percent for this time of year,” a Watercare spokesperson said.

Mangatangi Dam recorded heavy rainfall this week. Photo supplied

Watercare said two weather fronts are were to cross Auckland this week.

“We welcome any rain that’s due to fall in our Waitakere and Hunua catchments,” the spokesperson said.

“At the same time, we’d like to remind Aucklanders that water is a precious resource and it’s a good idea to continue to be waterwise.”