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Police calling for witnesses to suspicious approach

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Police are calling for witnesses to come forward after a Somerville intermediate student reported being chased on her way home from school last week.

The student, aged 11, reported being approached by two men wearing high visibility vests in a white van. They then followed her to a pedestrian alleyway where the girl managed to hide until they left before walking to meet her mother and notifying police.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant John Love said the girl was walking along Meadowland Drive, near Howick when the incident took place.

Police canvassed the area but could not narrow down a suspect as it was too full of people with too many similarities to the report.

Det Snr Sgt Love said at the time of speaking to the Times, Police had not yet taken a full statement from the girl.

Police are continuing to investigate and want to hear from anyone with information.

Somerville Intermediate principal David Ellery confirmed the school was aware of the incident and had advised parents through email immediately after finding out.

Mr Ellery said students had been informed and given a safety briefing around keeping themselves safe. Advice to students included children staying aware of their surroundings, walking to school with others if possible and seeking help if they felt unsafe.

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