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Firearm incident: armed Police swarm Somerville address

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Armed Police took several people into custody in Dana Place, Somerville on Wednesday, March 18.

9 Police patrol cars, A rapid response, and Delta (dog) squad units were present, along with air support from a Police Eagle helicopter.

The incident was in relation to an earlier report of a firearm seen in a vehicle located in Mt Wellington.

A police spokesperson said:

“Police received a report of two vehicles acting suspiciously at a commercial carpark in the Whitford, Somerville area at around 1.30pm.

A person believed they saw what was thought to be a firearm in a vehicle.

Police responded to this report immediately and arrived in the area within minutes.

A vehicle of interest that left the area was later located in the Mt Wellington area and stopped by Police without incident.

A male occupant of that vehicle has since been taken into custody. Following a search of the vehicle, a BB gun has been located inside.

Meanwhile, Police have also searched a nearby Somerville address – on Dana Place – in connection with this report.

Seven occupants inside the address have also been taken into custody without incident.

A number of enquiries are still ongoing into this incident and Police cannot rule out charges being laid in this matter.

Police would like to clarify that nearby schools were not requested to go into lockdown at any point.

One nearby school was requested to hold back students for approximately 20 minutes as a precautionary measure given the proximity to Police presence.”

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