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UPDATED: Crash knocks out power in Whitford

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A car crash in Whitford this evening brought down a power line causing a power outage.

One person was injured following an accident in Whitford on Monday night which knocked power out for around an 90 minutes in one area.

Police were alerted to a vehicle crash on Sandstone Road at around 6.50pm on Monday.

A power line has come down in the crash causing power outages in the area. A person was injured in the crash and suffered minor injuries.

The road was blocked due to the power line coming down.

Meanwhile energy company Vector said power pole accidents are a common occurrence.

Power pole accidents are more common than people think, as this one in Whitford this week helps demonstrates.This Photo supplied

Vehicles crashed into its Auckland electricity equipment 541 times last year, resulting in power outages across the region.

Drivers hit Vector’s power poles 268 times, pillars 253 times (small green boxes) and transformers 20 times in 2016. This compares with a total of 486 in 2015.

These numbers don’t include light posts, sign posts, or telecommunication poles managed by other entities.

Vector’s chief networks officer, Andre Botha, says August last year was the toughest month with 60 vehicles striking its network, over half of them crashing into power poles.

“Power pole accidents are more common than people think. Yesterday alone we had three, with one in Whitford being particularly bad. The average over the last few weeks has been eight a week and this Waitangi weekend alone there were six,” says Mr Botha.

“These incidents always mean we have to treat the site as a safety risk to the public and our crews. There is a serious risk of electrocution for passengers and emergency teams which is why we shut off power remotely and then physically disconnect lines at the site for extra safety.

“Our message is simple – be careful. We can replace power poles but we can’t replace lives.”

Yesterday’s accidents happened in Epsom, Glen Innes, and on Sandstone Road in Whitford. Counties Manukau Police’s serious crash unit recently made this video  about an accident hot spot on Whitford Road, also the location of a number of car v pole accidents.





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