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Councillors take charge of Howick ward upkeep

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Damaged footpaths and overgrown weeds are slowly being repaired in the Howick ward.

Local councillors are taking charge to fix up the streets of east Auckland.

Councillors Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax have ventured out into the Howick ward to see what needs looking after.

“We want our community to be safe and enjoy the areas they live in and we need to work together to achieve these positive outcomes,” says Stewart.

Crumbling kerbs, overgrown weeds and tree roots damaging footpaths were among the issues discovered in the area.

“We had tree roots which had pushed the concrete up so badly that it was a serious safety concern, as well as trees that were so overgrown you had to duck your head to get under them. It just wasn’t good enough,” she says.

Stewart has also taken to Facebook to get feedback from the community on what their biggest concerns were and was flooded with support from residents.

“The East Auckland Grapevine has been a marvellous tool to get Auckland Transport and others looking at the issues,” she says.

“It’s an easy way for people to learn about issues concerning others and have their voices heard.”

The response from various council departments has been positive, she says.

“[AT] are currently slowly but surely removing some of the trees that are cause such damage and repairing footpaths and the road and utilities,” Stewart says.

“Instead of having to patch and re-patch, they are removing the problem and re-planting appropriate trees that have roots that don’t damage,” she says.

AT says it is committed to keeping the community looking tidy and in top condition.

“As soon as Councillor Stewart raised issues about footpaths the local maintenance contract manager met with her and discussed her concerns,” says AT spokesperson James Ireland.

“Councillor Stewart highlighted a number of sites in which summer weather had caused plants to grow over footpaths or where roots had cracked concrete footpaths.

“Auckland Transport was very pleased to have this information reported and is currently getting the plants cut back and the footpaths patched.”

AT encourage all members of the community to report issues by visiting or by calling 355-3553.

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