Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Cornwall launches new single

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Tamsyn Cornwall has just released her new single ‘Let You In’.

The ethereal and effervescent Ren – aka Tamsyn Cornwall – is a powerhouse of creative energy.

Inspired by life after surviving stage 3B bowel cancer, she ‘bleeds’ lyrics from her heart and describes music as her medicine.    Having time undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from three major surgeries, completing this EP has been her therapy.

“This means so much to me and I’m beyond excited to be able to share what I’ve been working on, starting with this track,” says Ren, who lives in Mellons Bay.

Cornwall, 33, says she chose the artist name Ren as in Egyptian mythology, it’s the name by which the gods knew the individual soul and how one would be called in the afterlife.

“Having been confronted with death so closely and having fully re-evaluated basically everything in my life, I wanted to be able to follow my passions and create something that will hopefully stick around a little bit after my time on earth is up,” she said.

Her navigation from the dark to the light is often expressed in sparkly juxtapositions. “It’s as though I’ve been reborn and everything that’s important to me has surfaced from the crashing waves,” she says.

Her new single ‘Let You In‘ “is about being stuck deep in your mind, judging your own chaos, trying to break free, not thinking you’re good enough”.

“Then when things seem like it’s all too much, life is rushing by and it can be scary to let people in, sometimes the universe lines up, acceptance sneaks through and it’s worth it.”

It is her first EP and she plans to release six more songs from it.

Tamsyn has lived between New Zealand, Fiji and Australia, and now resides in east Auckland. She spent two years at Macleans college and holds a qualification in Drama from Yoobee South Seas Film & Television School.

Passionate about shining a light on the reality of life with autoimmune disease, Tamsyn bravely shared her journey battling bowel cancer and continues to share life updates.  Committed to helping others, she shares her unique perspective on approaching health holistically and with a positive mindset.

A visual storyteller, Tamsyn turned to Instagram and TikTok as a creative outlet. Her kind soul and positive ethos has attracted a highly engaged tribe, giving her a strong platform to motivate others to dream big and live life to the fullest.



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