Construction of a new bus turnaround area at Half Moon Bay

A map of the plan for Half Moon Bay. Photo supplied.

The new Half Moon Bay ferry pier which started operating on 9 April 2017 will provide more convenient integration of ferry services with existing bus services. It will also play a pivotal role in supporting future bus services once the new public transport network for East Auckland is launched in 2018.

To support the integration of services between ferries and buses, Auckland Transport will build a new bus turnaround area and bus stop terminal facilities on Ara-Tai, which will be within a short walking distance (of less than 100 metres) of the new ferry pier.

The new bus stop and turnaround area will feature a dedicated bus bay with waiting space for three buses at a time, new bus shelters and a covered walkway providing a direct pedestrian link and continuous cover for passengers moving between ferries and buses.

A drop and ride area, dedicated mobility drop and ride spaces and cycle parking will also be constructed as part of this project. The new bus facilities will provide for much safer pedestrian connections between services, minimising the need for pedestrians to cross vehicles routes or filter through traffic. Approximately 20 car parking spots will be removed to construct the bus turnaround area on Ara-Tai.

Construction will begin once resource consents have been granted by Auckland Council.

Customers can utilise existing bus services 565 and 575 for connections to Botany, Gossamer Drive, Burswood, Howick, Middlemore, Otara and Highbrook.

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