Sunday, April 14, 2024

Walk For Humanity raises $8000

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The 14th annual Walk for Humanity was held at Barry Curtis Park on August 27.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaát NZ held its 14th annual Walk for Humanity on August 27.

The 10km walk was held through Barry Curtis Park, with $8600 raised.

The funds raised go to two worthy charities – Blind Low Vision NZ, the principal recipient, and Humanity First NZ, another charitable trust which serves the local as well the Pacific region for all types of disaster relief.

The National president of the Auxiliary wing, Dr Nadeem Ahmad said: “Supporting people in need as well as helping the poor in one’s community are central pillars of the Islamic faith.

“By organising this walk and reaching out to the wider community to help sponsor the walkers, we are doing nothing more than what we believe to be our duty as true Muslims,”

The fundraising manager of Blind Low Vision NZ said he was thrilled with the donation and earlier had noted, “‘The motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is ‘Love for all and hatred for none’ and it is evident in their peaceful actions.”

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