United Peace Foundation: Morrin’s big adventure

Local identity Morrin Cooper has been sharing tales of his recent trip to the 2020 World Peace Summit in Korea.

Cooper, the former mayor of Howick, had attended the event before in Asia but said he was “incredibly surprised’ to be personally asked back by the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The United Peace Foundation is a sub-branch of the United Nations. The World Summit 2020 Assembly brought together a wide range of experts and stakeholders to offer insights and recommendations that contribute to building a world of lasting peace.

Morrin Cooper. Photo Jim Birchall

Food production, scientific work and religious missions were discussed.

The event was attended by 5000 people from 150 nations from February 3-8.

Cooper was impressed by the organisation of the event, which ran seamlessly, he said.

In terms of takeaways from the event, Cooper said he now regards US President Donald Trump (despite his detractors) as “a man with a heart.. who has done some wonderful work towards peace in the South Asia region”.