Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Brown: Fresh leadership for east Auckland

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Last Monday two important meetings took place in east Auckland that will affect the leadership of our community.

The Botany National Party met and selected Christopher Luxon as the new National Party Candidate for the Botany Electorate, and the Howick Local Board met for the first time since the 2019 Local Body elections and elected Adele White as the new chair of the Howick Local Board.

Both of these selections are very important for the east Auckland community and bring fresh leadership to our community.

Christopher Luxon is an exceptional candidate for the Botany Electorate. Christopher has had a very successful business career and has now set his sights on what he can do to make a difference for the people of Botany and New Zealand. His experience will be invaluable in our caucus and in Parliament and Botany will be well-represented by Christopher if they elect him as their next MP.

As the neighbouring MP to Botany, I am excited to be supporting Christopher as he seeks to be their next representative in Parliament and I am looking forward to working alongside him and advocating on the issues that matter to east Aucklanders, such as transport, housing and law and order.

I am also looking forward to working alongside Adele White as the new Howick Local Board chair; and the entire Howick Local Board.

Adele is well-known and respected for the work she has done in east Auckland as a police officer, marriage celebrant, antenatal pregnancy trainer and, of course, as a local body politician.

I also want to thank outgoing Local Board chair David Collings for the dedication and hard work he has put into the Howick Local Board area during his time as chair. David has made a huge contribution to east Auckland and I know he will continue to do so as a returning member of the board.

East Auckland is a growing part of Auckland with many challenges and opportunities, and I know that by working together between central government and local government we will be able to tackle these challenges and ensure the best outcomes for our community.

Simeon Brown

MP for Pakuranga

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