Clevedon School sculpture trail brightens up the community

Clevedon School got a little brighter last week with the official launch of its sculpture trail.

Students, parents and community members gathered to celebrate the opening with food and drinks and free reign to explore the trail.

Earlier this year Clevedon School looked at their grey buildings, plain walls and stretches of concrete and grass and felt they could do better.

The goal was simple – to enhance the school environment and make the school grounds more inviting to visitors.

And the result was a school-wide project to build a public sculpture trail filled with colourful creations that each told a unique story.

Helped by teachers, parents, and school management, each class came up with a design and created their own permanent sculpture for display in the school grounds.

On Wednesday evening the students got to proudly show off their hard work for the first time.

The hope is that the students’ legacy in the form of this sculpture trail will be there for many years to come.

LTR: Sienna Pallin-Simmonds, Lily Chisholm & Erika van Tonder
LTR: Alana Kelly, Lily Barrett & Brooke Barrett