Classics on display at Brit and Euro Car Show

Malcolm Anderson and his 1930 MK 1 KTT Velocette. Times photo Wayne Martin

Understated elegance is the first thing that comes to mind upon seeing Malcolm Anderson’s 1930 MK 1 KTT Velocette.

Even to the untrained eye, the British bike screams classic. It’s sleek and elegant, with no superfluous features.

The bare bones of the Velocette are displayed proudly – a statement that immediately draws attention to the bike.

It has no rear suspension – simply springs under the seat – and an overhead camshaft – a feature quite advanced for its day.

The 350cc bike was first produced in 1925 specifically to race the Isle of Man TT course. Capable of more than 160km/h, it went on to win the junior TT in 1926, 1928 and 1929.

It was acquired by Mr Anderson in 1980 in a state almost unrecognisable as to what it is today. Together with his father, he restored the bike to get it race-ready and went on to race at Hampton Downs, Taupo and multiple times in the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register (NZCMRR) Classic Racing Festival, managing to collect more than a few wins including both the Velocette Trophy and the Perrone Trophy until he retired the bike from racing in 2010.

“I’ve had it for about 35 years and raced it for 30, now it’s more or less archived.

“It’s 88 [years old], it’s getting on a bit – you can’t just get the bits from (DIY chain) Bunnings,” he laughs.

These days, he’s more interested in the history behind the bikes.

“I’ve moved on a bit to wanting to archive things and record the history. It’s that aspect I like – the development, the technology of the time and to restore things as they were, but present them in their best light.”

At 88 years old, the Velocette has had a life well lived. Once the best of the best, it now sits pride of place in Mr Anderson’s man cave – and while it’s no longer racing, it still has plenty of history to share with those who seek it.

  • Malcolm Anderson’s 1930 MK 1 KTT Velocette will be on display at the Brit & Euro Car Show on at Lloyd Elsmore Park on Sunday 4 March,10am-3pm. Free entry. For more information, including how to enter your own car or bike, visit