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Chemicals draw emergency response

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Firefighters responded when a resident had a mishap involving swimming pool chemicals. Times file photo

Fire and Emergency NZ attended an east Auckland address when a person suffered a mishap while handling swimming pool chemicals.

A resident contacted the Times to say that on November 11 a man allegedly mixed different pool chemicals at a property in Liston Crescent, Cockle Bay.

The incident set off a loud bang and resulted in a callout from Howick station firefighters.

“The noise from the explosion was very scary,” the resident says.

“The sound of the chemicals exploding was loud enough for neighbouring property owners to come out to see what was happening.

“Several people, including two children, had to be hosed down by one of the several fire crews which attended the event.

“Ambulance officers were also in attendance providing first aid to) those suffering from chemical inhalation and skin irritations.”

Howick fire station officer Rowan Hegley says five residents were at the scene and two needed medical attention.

“They got splashes [of chemicals] on their skin and had a bit of inhalation [issues].

“It was possibly from the over-mixing of chemicals.

“No one was taken to hospital. They were checked over by St John paramedics who were there.

“It’s a good idea if you’re mixing chemicals of this type to do it outside in the open air and not in a building where the odours can accumulate.”

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