Some changes to Times’ distribution

The Times has changed the way it delivers its papers.

“The departure of our distribution manager Emma Smith after doing a marvellous job for the past 10 years has made us reassess the way we deliver our newspapers,” says Times’ CEO Reay Neben.

As of March 1, 2018 – PMP took over distributing Times newspapers.

“It has become harder and harder to cover the fast-growing areas and the decision to move to a distribution company was not taken easily. For so many years we have contracted unbelievably wonderful people who delivering the papers in what sometimes became a family event” she said.

“Over the years I have been out in all weather delivering the papers and I know just how hard it can be.

“To all those people young and old who have delivered the paper over the many years, a huge thank you.

“We have had to outsource this to the distribution company PMP and we ask our readers to please let us know if they don’t receive their copy of the Times.

“There will be teething problems so please bear with us,” Mrs Neben said.

“The goal is 100 per cent coverage so if you don’t receive your paper go to the link below or ring on 271-8000.”

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