Changes to bus stops at Half Moon Bay

The sunny weather Auckland has had over the past few weeks has meant more people are getting out on their boats.

To make it easier for them to launch at Half Moon Bay, Auckland Transport is moving the bus stops at the ferry pier from 12pm today, Thursday 21 December.

The new bus network for East Auckland, which launched on 10 December, means that there are more buses at Half Moon Bay.

The current stop is near the boat ramp, which means they can sometimes get in the way of recreational boaties when the area is busy.

From today buses will stop on Ara-Tai Road, instead of in the carpark near the boat ramp.

This will mean that the angle carparks on the south side of Ara-Tai Road will be removed on 21 December 2017.

AT will provide an equivalent number of carparks in the area next to the new ferry terminal until the end of January 2018.

Moving the car parks is necessary to ensure that traffic movement can be maintained in both directions.

The angle car parking on Ara-Tai Road was always planned to be removed, to make way for access to new permanent bus stops located at the ferry terminal that are being built early next year.