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Celebrating biculturalism with new whare

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A beautiful little wharenui has been built in the children’s playground of KINZ Mission Heights.

There’s a new wharenui in town and it sits proudly in the children’s playground at KINZ Mission Heights.

Youngsters and their parents turned up on the morning of March 29 to commemorate the unveiling of the small wharenui in a spectacular celebration of the centre’s multicultural students.

The centre named the wharenui, ‘Kura o nga timatanga hou,’ – School of New Beginnings.

The unveiling was blessed by Nick Hawke, a kaumatua from Ngati Whatua, Orakei.

Speeches were translated by a teacher speaking Mandarin for those families who may not have understood the Maori or English speeches.

Parents and community members came together to help bring this dream to life, putting a great deal of love and care into helping construct, carve and paint the wharenui.

At the close of the blessing, teachers, parents and students enjoyed a wide array of food from different parts of the world.

The opening and blessing ceremony was a true celebration of each child’s heritage.

Parents, teachers and students came together late last month to celebrate its unveiling ceremony.

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