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Can you help solve these crimes?

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Police are yet to make an arrest in the case of a teenage boy targeted in a road rage incident that began when he was leaving Pak’nSave Ormiston one night in January. Times photo Wayne Martin

The victims of two recent violent incidents in east Auckland have received no resolution as police are yet to identify the offender in each case.

In the first incident, police investigated after a teenager reported his vehicle was damaged by two men in an unprovoked attack.

The 18-year-old was leaving Pak’nSave Ormiston at about 8.40pm on January 21 when he heard people yelling.

According to the teen’s mother, who wants to remain anonymous, two men and one woman then began following her son.

The trio were “yelling and screaming” at him and driving erratically, she said.

Her son drove along Stancombe Road, heading toward Counties Manukau East Police headquarters in Ormiston Road.

When he stopped for a red light at the intersection of Ormiston Road and Chapel Road, the two men following him got out of their vehicle and approached his car and tried to pull him out of it, but were unable to as he’d locked his doors.

They then “smashed” his car and tried to break its windows, his mother said.

She said her son was alone at the time and did nothing to provoke the men, who with the woman were in a gold-coloured hatchback vehicle.

“My son, who’s only had his restricted [driver’s] licence for a month, called the first phone number in his phone and it was my husband.

“He was so scared he wasn’t making much sense.”

She said her son was crying and shaking following the incident, was unable to sleep, and missed work.

A police spokesperson previously said an investigation was under way into the incident, which was categorised as wilful damage.

Anyone who saw what happened at the intersection of Ormiston Road and Chapel Road were asked to contact police and quote file number 220122/0668.

Despite this, a police spokesperson now says: “A detailed report was taken at the time and police reviewed all available CCTV footage.

“However, at this stage police have no further lines of enquiries and the matter has been filed.

“If anyone has information relating to the matter, police will investigate.”

The second recent incident involving violence in east Auckland saw a man left with numerous injuries after he was subjected to a violent “ambush” attack at Maraetai Beach on January 19.

A police spokesperson previously said the victim had been in the water at the beach and was assaulted by two unknown men when he returned to shore just before 9.30pm.

A relative of the victim posted on social media that he suffered a broken and split nose, swollen cheeks, a split lip, damage to his knees and wrist and broken ribs in the “ambush” attack.

People who witnessed the incident or who had information on it were asked to contact police and quote file number 220120/5300.

Two months later, a police spokesperson says: “Despite extensive efforts to identify the alleged offenders, police have exhausted all lines of enquiry and the matter has been filed.

“Should new information come to light, police are open to reassessing the matter.”

People with information on the two violent incidents can phone police on 105 or the free and anonymous Crimestoppers tip-off line on 0800 555 111.

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