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Busway approved, less than 40 minutes to Britomart

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An artists impression of what the Lagoon Drive busway will look like once completed. Picture: Supplied by Auckland Transport.

Auckland Council has approved consent for the second stage of a busway that will get you from Botany to Britomart in less than 40 minutes during peak traffic.

Construction of the busway, which will involve construction of a dedicated, congestion-free busway along Lagoon Drive and Pakuranga Road, is due to begin at the end of the year.

This busway is the next stage in the $1.2 billion AMETI Eastern busway project.

There will also be new cycling and walking connections, improvements to major intersections, urban design and landscaping enhancements, a new bridge across the Tamaki River and the creation of a new memorial park and improved public spaces.

“This is the most significant milestones in the project’s history since the completion of Panmure Station and Te Horeta Road in 2014 and signifies real progress towards providing better transport choices and reliability for east Aucklanders,” says programme director Duncan Humphrey.

“The ultimate objective of commuters being able to travel by bus and train from Botany to Britomart in less than 40 minutes is a major step closer.”

Pre-construction work has already commenced through the demolition of initial properties on parts of Lagoon Drive, Bridge Street and Pakuranga Road and archaeological work in the historic Mokoia Pa area near Bridge Street in Panmure.

“This is a priority project that will connect one of Auckland’s fastest growing areas with the region’s future, long-term strategic transport network,” says Duncan.

AMETI Eastern busway will be completed by 2026, running between Panmure and Botany Town Centre and once operational, will allow commuters to travel by bus and train between Botany and Britomart in less than 40 minutes.

The project is separated into various stages, including Panmure to Pakuranga, Pakuranga to Botany, Pakuranga Town Centre and Reeves Road Flyover and a new interchange at Botany Town Centre.

Public consultation is currently underway for the Pakuranga to Botany stage of the project.

This stage includes the continuation of the busway along the centre of Ti Rakau Drive, development of a flyover to provide better travel options for motorists between Pakuranga Road and Pakuranga Highway (and enable the busway to operate reliably by removing cars from busy intersections in the area), cycling and walking networks, a new station in Pakuranga Town Centre and a future interchange near Botany Town Centre.

  • For more information on AMETI Eastern Busway go to click here.

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