Students launch delivery service with a bit of difference

In a world of increasing food delivery options, almost every local restaurant is at our
fingertips. As services such as UberEATS rise in popularity around the world, three Ormiston Senior College students aren’t letting that intimidate them – instead, they’re motivated by it.

INNOVATIVE: Left to right, Kyle Whelan, Sajed Hossaini and Connor Stewart hope to extend DeliverMe New Zealand wide. Photo supplied

DeliverMe was created by Kyle Whelan, Sajed Hossaini and Connor Stewart after finding they spent more time sourcing food during their lunch breaks at work rather than sitting and eating it.

Production manager Kyle says they knew they weren’t the only ones in that position and saw a gap in the market in the local community where UberEATS currently doesn’t operate.

“We’re providing a service for workers to get any food they want, without having to sacrifice any time from their break running around.”

While they don’t currently operate during school hours, Kyle says once the business grows
it could benefit students from local schools who can’t leave school grounds during the day, but also don’t have food on them.

The team also hopes to give back to the community and each month, pledges 10 per cent
of their profit to a local charity.

They also hope to bring their delivery service to hospitals at a discounted rate.

“We know sometimes hospital food isn’t that appetizing so we’re going to be offering a discounted delivery cost if you’re in the hospital to try and make your experience more comfortable,” said Kyle.

The Year 13 students created the business as part of the Youth Enterprise Scheme and currently operate 4pm-10pm on weekdays and 8am-10pm on weekends and public

Their delivery zone currently extends from Musick Point peninsula, as far west to Pakuranga and across east to Cockle Bay while delivering as far south as Manukau.

The idea is simple – through the app or website, users are presented with all the available restaurants and their menus – on average, deliveries take up to 30 minutes from start to
finish. So far, Burger King, Noodle Canteen, KFC, McDonald’s and Bruce Lee Sushi are on board, while the DeliverMe website offers the chance to make custom orders directly to
the team.

While they’re starting small, there are plans to expand the business in the future.

“The end goal is to have a successful delivery service that runs all across New Zealand,” said Kyle.

-Order online at or download the DeliverMe app from the Google Play