Thursday, April 18, 2024

Luxon: Reduce regulations the message to GETBA

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Christopher Luxon, National Party candidate for the Botany electorate, has thrown down a challenge to the coalition government to cut regulation.

At the Greater East Tamaki Business Association (Getba) breakfast held recently, Luxon addressed a sold-out audience of local business owners.

He shared the approach and strategic thinking he used successfully leading Air New Zealand as CEO in both good and bad business cycles.

He said world-class businesses achieve superior commercial returns and continue to enhance the customer experience and develop a great internal culture year in-year out, over many decades.

Luxon challenged all East Tamaki businesses to do likewise and went on to share the frameworks he used to develop people, shape strategic thinking, and ensure quality execution.

He went onto say that small-medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 97 percent of all Kiwi businesses and it is critical governments unleash this sector to raise economic productivity.

Christopher Luxon addressed local business owners at the Getba breakfast held recently. Photo supplied

“Compliance issues and burdens are a major concern to SMEs and the single largest barrier to growth,” he said.

He championed smart regulation but felt the original intent of regulation often got lost in inefficient and unworkable processes, duplication and unnecessarily complex user interfaces.

“I challenge the government to clean-up, align and reduce regulation in order to give back `two days per month’ to small business owners and to also accelerate e-invoicing to enable a faster and less bureaucratic payment process,” said Luxon.

He also acknowledged the mounting pressure and challenges on many small businesses in Botany due to coronavirus.

“I’ve learnt that crises are great opportunities to sharpen up and focus on the management of a business. But I  would like to see the government quickly implement and help impacted businesses with a SME support package similar to the Christchurch Earthquake Support Subsidy,” he said.







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