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Four robberies in 20 days

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Raymond Fung said burglars hit his retail shop in Howick as well as a shop in Newmarket.

A local retailer is shocked and angry that two of his retail stores have been robbed four times in 20 days.

Raymond Fung, managing director of Mandarin Products, said burglars hit his retail shop at Sommerville Shopping Court on Meadowlands Drive, Howick as well as a shop at Newmarket Plaza in Newmarket.

Mr Fung, who has an office and factory at East Tamaki, said he is “very upset” that both premises have been hit since the beginning of 2017.

“The first time they broke the glass door of our shop at Somerville Shopping Court on January 4 at 7.24am,” Mr Fung said.

“The second time it happened again in a matter of 10 days. There was another break-in at the same shop on January 14 at 5.20am.

“I am sure it is the same person who may have done it after we had replenished the stock,” said Mr Fung, who is also vice-president of Auckland Malaysian Society.

Before Mr Fung could get over the shock of the theft of a traditional Chinese delicacy, Fish Maw worth $15,000, there was a theft at the other retail shop he owns at Newmarket on January 17 at 5.30pm.

“On January 19 there was another break-in at 1.20pm,” he said.

“This happened in broad daylight and with so many people walking around in a busy street. I don’t think they are bothered about being caught by the police at all. The salesperson at the shop is really stressed.”

Mr Fung says CCTV at the Newmarket shop captured on film a slim Caucasian man in his 20s wearing a red basketball t-shirt and sport shoes running in, grabbing packets of fish maw and running out.

He thinks it is the same person who stole twice in a matter of three days from the Mandarin Products shop at Newmarket.

“I can’t believe that in 20 days I have made four police reports,” says Mr Fung. “I am waiting to hear from the police.”

When contacted by the Times, Detective Sergeant Richard Bull said: “Police are aware of the two burglaries which occurred at the victim’s Howick business premises on the 4 and 13 of January 2017.

“On both occasions, the burglaries were in the early hours of the morning and there was a time delay in this being reported to police.  Scene of Crime Officers have attended on both occasions but unfortunately no forensic evidence was located. There is no CCTV available.

“Police have offered prevention advice to the victim and will continue to work with him to see what other prevention measures are available,” he said.

“We are also looking into two thefts which occurred at the victim’s store in Newmarket, on the 18 and 19 of January. We are making enquiries into this which include obtaining CCTV footage.

“We are staying in contact with the victim and understand the frustration he must be feeling. In each of these crimes the offenders have targeted a product called fish maw.”

Police ask anyone who has information about these crimes or knows of anyone who may be selling this product in suspicious circumstances to please contact Counties Manukau Police on 09 261 1300. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Fish Maw is not only treasured as therapeutic by the Asian community but is served on special occasions such as Chinese New Year.

By: Farida Master

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