Drone security gets revamp

Traditional security guards could soon be a thing of the past with a new locally-developed security drone.

The semi-autonomous VigilAir aerial surveillance system was recently launched at its East Tamaki headquarters.

The drone is designed to work in large outdoor sites such as outdoor shopping centres, schools and business precincts.

It lives in a secure base, or nest, on site. When a disturbance is recorded, an alarm is sent to a security guard on site who in turn launches the drone.

The drone then runs a pre-programmed route along the perimeter of the property while recording and streaming high-definition footage to whoever is monitoring the footage.
The drone could also include a thermal or infra-red camera and bright LED floodlights to illuminate intruders and could sound a siren or talk to the intruder via a two way communications system.

VigilAir director Mike Marr said the system has a long list of advantages over traditional on-the-ground security responses, such as safety, a cheaper ongoing cost and the ability to record everything from the air which could be used in any potential prosecutions.

The product and service operate under a current Civil Aviation Authority certification with work underway to rapidly expand the operating perimeters.

Mr Marr says the software is “one of the first of its kind and will undoubtedly disrupt the security industry.

“Simply put, our software will enable drones to be the first-response security guards of the future.”