Thursday, April 18, 2024

Cash or card? How about Bitcoin?

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Porterhouse Grill owner, Adrian Loy. Photo supplied

It’s long been associated with illegal activity and the dark net, but now one local restaurant is bringing Bitcoin into the light.

Porterhouse Grill in Pakuranga is now offering the digital currency as a payment option, along with more traditional options such as cash and card.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which works worldwide without attachments to any traditional bank and payments cannot be traced. The anonymity of it has led to the currency gaining popularity with criminal activity online but Porterhouse Grill owner Adrian Loy says that’s an outdated association.

He says if the Bitcoin trend continues to grow upwards — which he says it should – they’ll see more people using the method.

Porterhouse Grill implemented the system last week and is yet to receive a Bitcoin payment but Loy believes it will catch on.

He says it’s a case of if you build it, people will come.

“Particularly amongst the Chinese in our community, Bitcoin is taking off.”

One Bitcoin today is worth $17,180. In 2012 one Bitcoin was worth roughly US$13 ($18.9).

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