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Business leader becomes storyteller

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Brett Ashley has written a book detailing the key things he’s learned about business and leadership. Times photo Wayne Martin

Brett Ashley wants to show people they can change their life by controlling their mindset and becoming a more optimistic thinker.

The Eastern Beach resident is the author of a new book entitled The Key to Unlocking Your Potential.

It’s described as part memoir and part business guide and is filled with advice to help people make the most of every day they spend at work.

Locals may remember Ashley as the owner of Slices Fine Meats butcher shop, which he operated in Pakuranga Plaza from 1988-1993.

He went on to work at supermarket company Woolworths NZ for more than 40 years, the last 18 of which he spent as part of its senior executive team in general manager roles before retiring in 2020.

The first part of his book recounts his personal journey, while the second focuses on lessons he learned in the business world.

Ashley says in his business leadership journey he was working with teams trying to get the best out of people.

“It was about how you create an environment where people can be at their best.

“One of the things we did in leadership programmes was to get people to share their leadership stories.

“I encouraged leaders who worked for me to share theirs, but never really told mine.

“When I decided to retire in 2020 I decided to share my story with my team, and thought maybe I should continue this and write it down a bit more.”

That’s how Ashley decided to write the book.

He says one of its key messages is that people can change and create their own environment, while the biggest lesson he’s learned in life and in leadership is the “power of the mind”.

“The ability to be able to create belief in your subconscious mind will drive your conscious mind to achieve.

“You have to establish a positive belief. Anybody can change the beliefs they have at any time.

“You can change the word ‘can’t’ to the word ‘can’.

“If you rewire that subconscious mind with positive affirmations you can change your beliefs and if you change your beliefs you can change your actions and change your outcome.”

Ashley says he believes a person’s ability to change their environment is up to them and them alone.

“You’re the only one who decides that.

“It’s not what other people say about you that matters, it’s what you believe.

“And if you believe who you want to be and what you want to achieve, and you truly believe in that and use the power of the subconscious mind to create that belief, you can achieve it.”

Ashley says it took just over a year to complete the book.

He wrote the original manuscript in two to three months.

“It took time to add to and refine. I’m really happy with what we’ve ended up with.

“It’s a really great reflection of what I wanted to achieve at the start.”

Brett Ashley’s book, The Key to Unlocking Your Potential is for sale in bookstores and online.

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