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Business East Tamaki launches

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Business East Tamaki general manager Ruth White.

After nearly 30 years with the naming rights to East Tamaki’s business association, Getba has made way for its successor, Business East Tamaki.

The resolution allowing the name change was passed at a Special General Meeting held in May and the rebrand’s bold, new look and purpose will be officially launched on July 7, at BNZ Partners Highbrook.

Following a workshop that was held and led last year by James Smith from Xennial Marketing to facilitate the development of the new brand, Smith also stepped the group through the rationale of the rebrand at May’s SGM and conveyed the robustness of the process to the group of 35 who attended.

Key reasons for change:
● To modernise and refresh the brand
● To attract next generation members
● To communicate the association’s strengthened values in a more relevant, contemporary way

“Reviewing your brand positioning is an exercise you don’t undertake lightly and we needed to get it right,” says Business East Tamaki general manager Ruth White.

“James has worked with us in the past and already had a good understanding of the organisation.

“To give context, Getba harks back to a different era when words like ‘association’ were used to convey an expected level of formality. Also the current tagline ‘A Great Place to do Business’ was more relevant at that time when attracting business to the region was one of the organisation’s main goals.”

Today, East Tamaki, incorporating Highbrook, has high occupancy rates and is now recognised as one of Auckland’s most active and respected business associations and in New Zealand, one of the largest business precincts.

“Looking to the future we knew a more modern, progressive brand and visual identity was required to reflect the evolution of the organisation,” says White.

“We also wanted to elevate the brand and communicate the value of East Tamaki businesses, while developing a stronger voice for representation. The new visual identity, the foundational brand pillar for Business East Tamaki, will help redefine its positioning and ensure continued relevance in the marketplace.”

The new brand’s striking wave design acknowledges the unique Tamaki River, connecting the Business East Tamaki entity to the local environment.

Presenting a contemporary image and continuing to spearhead a relevant and effective business association is vital to attract next generation members and contribute to the greater good for the wider East Tamaki community, says White.

“We’ve been encouraged by feedback on the rebrand so far which reflects our key deliverables of being innovative, progressive and future-focused and we’re confident the new branding communicates exactly that.”

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