Thursday, February 22, 2024

Burns keen to bring energy and vision to local board

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Howick Local Board member Bo Burns is campaigning for re-election to the board and for a seat on Auckland Council. Photo supplied
  • Bo Burns, Howick Local Board candidate, Howick subdivision

Bo Burns is a current member of the Howick Local Board and is campaigning for re-election to the board as well as for a seat on Auckland Council in the Howick ward.

She was born and raised in Howick and lives in this fantastic community with her husband and their two busy daughters.

Burns is seeking re-election to the board to continue to serve as your local voice and to push for much-need action and improvements in the community.

She’s been a business owner in this area for two decades and has got a proven track record of achievement on the local board, by serving as an APPA board member, and as the organiser of the annual Howick Santa Parade.

Over the past three years on the local board she’s proven she actively listens to people’s concerns and takes action to get results.

She’s known as ‘Bo on the Go’ because she gives 100 per cent to every activity she gets involved with.

Burns has got the energy, vision, and the strategic skills to action change.

She promises to continue to speak forcefully and confidently on your behalf around the local board table to ensure your concerns are heard and that important future investment in the Howick ward is delivered.

Her priorities as an elected representative are to enhance our public green spaces, ensure local funding is spent wisely, and improve the relationship between the board and council’s governing body.

Burns will fight to maintain Howick’s historic beauty and culture while advocating for fresh and innovative concepts for a growing community.

She won’t just listen, she will get results. It’s time for a fresh approach and new voices with energy and ideas.

The Howick ward has to go confidently into the future and tackle the big challenges we face.

We cannot go backward or stay focused on the past. That will never get the results we need and deserve.

By voting for Burns you’ll get someone you can trust and who has integrity, drive and passion. She has proven she can deliver.


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